Nata Metlukh

is a Ukrainian-born animator and illustrator based in San Francisco. She creates visually bold, character driven works featuring urban lifestyle.

Her animated films have been recognized by major film festivals and received several awards.

She is a graduate of Vancouver Film School and Estonian Academy of Arts.


Google, The Wall Street Journal, The National, GQ, Eurostar, Hyatt, Automobile, Nokia, Variety, Yandex, Men’s Health, The Baltimore Sun, Kia Motors.


Animation Awards

• Winner at Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada, 2015) • Winner at Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival (United Arab Emirates, 2016) • Winner at Spark Animation Festival (Canada, 2015) • Winner at Corto Helvetico al Femminile Festival (Switzerland, 2017) • Winner at 100 Films in 100 Minutes by Kyiv Int’l Short Film Festival (Ukraine, 2017) • Winner at School in Motion Festival (Italy, 2019) • 2nd place at Hamburg Animation Award (Germany, 2015) • 2nd place Jury Winner at Audience Awards Animation Shorts Festival (USA, 2018) • 3d place at Chilemonos (Chile, 2016) • 3d place at Short Film Breaks (Romania, 2017) • Audience Award at Etiuda&Anima Film Festival (Poland, 2016) • Audience Choice at Exposure Short Film Festival (United Kingdom, 2017) • Special Jury Mention at Short Of The Year Promofest (Spain, 2016) • Special Award at Aninetwork Fest (Czech Republic, 2017) • Most Inspirational Short Film at Reel 2 Real International Film Festival (Canada, 2017) • Special Mention at Spiritual Film Festival Contracorriente (Colombia, 2017) • Best New Talent by Motionographer (USA, 2017) • Original Design Award at Animation Block Party (USA, 2018) • Life-Affirming Freedom of Creativity at Multivision Festival (Russia, 2018) • Short of the Week (USA, 2018) • Nomination at European Animation Awards (France, 2018) • Jury Special Mention at Insomnia Animation Film Festival (Russia, 2019) • Jury Special Mention at Linoleum Animation Festival (Ukraine, 2019) • Surreal Narrative award at KROK Animation Film Festival (Russia, 2019)